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Decadence & Depravity

A hand disgraced so baby said...

27 September
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I'm a Pretty Vanilla Girl...

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7" heels, abandoned houses, absinthe, amorous whispers, baking, black and white photographs, bleach, body modification, breathy vocals, brutal fucking, bubbles, butterfly kisses, candle lit baths, carnal abuse, catholicism, chastity, china dolls, cloud gazing, corsets, cosmetic lure, covetousness, creatures with dark eyes, cunnilingus, cup cakes, dark art, dark metal, day dreams, debauched desires, decadence, deception, deep violet bruises., delicate melodies, delusions, depravity, derelict churches, deviancy, diamonds, diaries, dipsomania, distress, dita von teese, drag queens, dragon flies, drowning, faeries, fairy lights, faith, false eyelashes, fantasy, fetish, fishnets, forget me nots, fornication, genica pussy willow, gluttony, handmade clothing, heart shaped locks, hidden beauty, holding hands, honesty, hysteria, in the bedroom, insomnia, intimate noises, katie jane garside, lace, lasciviousness, lingerie, love hearts, lucid dreaming, lust, malaise, malevolence, mascara stained cheeks, merciful kisses, mermaids, nostalgia, nymphs, obscenities, painted nails, paranoia, parma violets, petticoats, piercings, poisons, post coital anguish, protection, ragged hair, raspberries, ribbons, roses, scars, secret treasures, seduction, self indulgence, sexual addictions, sketchpad, sleeplikewolves, spite, spoken word, starlight erotica, stockings, tattoos, tea cups, twilight, verses and curses, vestal masturbation, violent sex, violets, virginal purity, voluptuous lovers, vulnerability, woodlands, wrath.